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Villa Hundira

Cocooned by the skirts of the lagoon and the canopies of the trees- Villa Hundira becomes a hidden paradise to anyone who prefers an ample, private ambiance as an escape from the chaos of life. Our guests experience an integration with nature that redefines tranquility and treats the senses to quiet adventure.

A single walk around the villa is enough to notice the intricacies of life among us- from the flamboyant flowers that bow over the balconies to the calming waterways that gently reach into the property. The villa boasts of an abundance of nooks and crannies- perfect for remaining still, or for getting you excited; So you could plunge into one of our pools, and then curl up with a book right after. 

We want to be a part of your reminiscences of the island, which is why we’ve aspired to make our sanctuary the ideal holiday- One that will make leaving so much harder to do, but returning so much easier.

Villa Hundira


We'll give you at least three things to look forward to everyday; breakfast, lunch and dinner. At Villa Hundira, no craving is left unsatisfied. 

Whether you want to nibble on some tapas, gorge on our signature Swedish meatballs or a spicy island spread, our kitchen is dedicated to satisfying your appetite, and the verve of flavour in each bite will surely win you over.   


Conveniently, the villa is located in close proximity to the airport- meaning that you’ll be able to spend less time on the road, and more time savoring each moment of your holiday. 

You’ll find that everything you’d want is just one drive away- so you can easily leave and return to our sequestered spot on your daily escapades.

Distance From Airport

18 km | 30 mins

Distance From Colombo

32 km | 45 mins

Distance From Beach

10 km | 25 mins



Make sure you leave Negombo with a few stories to tell.

Start by taking one of our canoes out to the lagoon, or head to the Thimble Workshop to learn how the handcrafted tapestries in the Villa are made, and watch them come to life yourself.  

Explore Negombo- visit the old Dutch buildings for a taste of history, or unwind on the warm, sunny beaches. 

Let the streets come alive for your evening rendezvous; have some food and drinks at a pub or restaurant, and watch the sun set in to the sea before ending your evening in the comfort of your beautiful suite.