Our Cuisine

What better way is there to commemorate your days in Sri Lanka than treating your palate? And at the Villa, you’ll have an array of delectable spreads to choose from.

You pick the food, and our cooks will set the mood.


We are neighbors to the major water bodies of Negombo; namely the lagoon and beach, both of which are animate- full of life, and the boats bringing in their fresh catch deck just a trail away from our premises.

The local fishermen’s layout will give you a plethora of fish to choose from, as well as varieties of crustaceans if you’re in the mood for some prawns or crab, and if you’d like to do a little fishing yourself- our canoes are at your disposal.

Our cooks will turn whatever you bring back into delightful dishes with bags of flavour. Whether you like it curried, grilled, fried or seared- with the combination of our skills and fresh ingredients, you get the best way to experience our island's bounty.




One of the reasons many people return to Sri Lanka is undoubtedly the food- it caters to all tastes, and whether you choose rice, rotti or bread, it’ll always be accompanied by a wealth of curries.

If you love your meat; opt to try out some hot chicken, pork or beef curry paired with "parippu and wambotu moju"- red lentils and candied eggplants, or even the famed "ambul thiyal" fish curry- known to give your tongue a tang of sourness with every bite. Not only are most of the local dishes vegetarian, but they’re also vegan- there’s something for everyone.

You could even step outside your comfort zone and take this chance to experiment with different levels of spiciness- but regardless of whether you like it mild or daring, one taste of our local fare is enough to make you return for more.