The Spa

Indulge in some YOU-time within our premises; lie down, let your eyes close and dream while our trained masseuses soothe your body and mind with natural local products


Discover how the flamboyant tapestries that adorn the villa are handcrafted by the empowered women of Thalahena at our Thimble Workshop.

Kids Play Area

Everyone deserves a break, even you! Send your kids over to our play area where they’ll have plenty of toys and games to keep themselves occupied so you can all get some well deserved R&R.

Tuk-Tuk Safari

During your time on the island, take the opportunity to hop in the back of one of our three-wheelers, exclusively found in the tropics, and feel the sea breeze blowing through your hair as you travel the roads of Negombo.

Pick your Own fish

Watch the fish market come to life at the docks as crowds bargain and babble before the lines of colourful boats with nets packed full of fish and crustaceans. Take your pick, and we’ll be more than happy to prepare it however you like.

The Lagoon

Take out the villa’s canoes or hitch a ride with a local fisherman to tour the lagoon and experience the magnitude of diversity in a single mangrove.

Bird Watching at Muthurajawela

Grab your binoculars and head to the Muthurajawela marsh where over a hundred species of endemic and migratory birds frolic and nestle up in the branches of the trees as you watch and listen to their calls from below.

Monkey Island

Wade through the waters of the marsh to get to the island where monkeys swing through the trees, their young clinging beneath them; nibbling on fruits and resting in the shade near the cool waters- the peak of monkey business.

Cooking Class

Learn the art of making the traditional Sri Lankan delicacies that you’ve eaten during your time here. Be it chicken curry, egg hoppers or rotti- we’ll give you a few new pages to add to your cookbook back home.



We’re hidden in the skirts of the Negombo Lagoon in the fishing village, Thalahena- and a little excursion is all it takes to find us.

Villa Hundira Negombo

Besides Negombo

One of the best things about traveling in Sri Lanka is that you can travel to any place on the island within just a few hours, but here are 4 different options that are all less than 5 hours away from Negombo.

  • Kalpitiya - Can't get enough sun, salt and sand? Head north and do anything from whale watching to kite surfing.
  • Anuradhapura- Famed for its well preserved ruins from an ancient Sinhala civilization, this city earns its place as a salient part of the cultural triangle.
  • Wilpattu - The largest National Park on the island, and the pinnacle of wildlife in its natural form.
  • Nuwara Eliya- The coldest place in the country hidden in the highlands amidst the acres of tea plantations.

Besides Negombo


Spotted deer graze in the tall yellow grass, leopards stretch, indolent on the warm rocks, Indian darters dry their wings in the morning sun, and the warm breeze blows through the shrubbery on your face while you silently watch as a guest in their home.


Travel back in time by heading over to one of the ancient cities of the cultural triangle; home to the many artifacts that our country’s story was built upon. 


The tempting days of warm beds on cold mornings, strolls through plantations, warm cups of tea, good books and single malts are ready and waiting.