Our Story

What would you get if you paired a former Swedish Motocross Champion with an artist, passionate about capturing the vibrancy of an island in her hands? A peculiar question that would not usually run through one’s mind, and the answer; Villa Hundira.

Rolf and Indira Tibblin combined their worlds of adrenaline and inspiration, and built the villa from the ground up. With Rolf’s determination and Indira’s creative eye, the two saw potential in the unused lands of Thalahena, and took it off hands which willingly parted- oblivious to its future

Rolf took the opening to bring his vision of a home to life; stone pathways rolled out for morning strolls, and open verandahs sat overlooking prim lawns- balconies stood tall to watch sunsets and twilight, and living rooms stretched out for idle days. Indira pulled out the yards, the paint and reels of skein, and soon, colourful covers spread across the beds and vibrant tapestries hung on the walls, stories were stitched and antiques were saved; the villa became a home.

In time, the villa grew along with the Tibblin family; undergoing changes as they did, creating memories as they did. The home was beyond a building, and with more space to fill, they saw potential in opening their doors- and so they did; allowing other families to experience the home that had embedded itself in their lives.

From the welcoming staff to the premises itself, Villa Hundira is the epitome of a luxury homestay; combining grandeur with the best elements of an abode, covering the residence in the same ambience that played an important role in the lives of its makers.From a vision of a home, Rolf and Indira Tibblin created the story of Villa Hundira, and by opening its doors, they ensured that chapters were constantly being written by the guests who brought it to life.